Monday, September 20, 2010

New Game

I just got Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale on steam.

It took me all of ~20 hours to beat it. Unfortunately I wasn't able to beat it on loop 1... I made it untill the 3rd payment and I lost. I was short about 70k pix. The second loop was much more successfull for me getting till merchant level 15 and being able to pay off the loan no problem. I think the pix I had left over was 279,000.

Since then I have played in endless to unlock all of the dungeons and have also done a complete run through of new game+. Which gave me Elan's true card. I don't quite know if II am going to use him for anything yet because he seems rather weak compared to my level 90 Louie.

I recommend this game to all who enjoy dungeon crawlers. The story is rather simple but it works pretty well, with a few twists and turns.


  1. I tried it, but ended up losing the game.

  2. I'm personally sick of Recettear. I find it repetitive and dull.