Thursday, September 23, 2010

GTS information

Welcome all. It it that time of the day again.

How To Connect

1. Start up your copy of Pokemon on your Nintendo DS. You can use any version of Generation IV Pokemon: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver.
2. Go to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings.
3. Edit the settings for your connection.
4. Set "Auto-obtain DNS" to NO.
5. Set the "Primary DNS" to
6. Save settings and return to your game.
7. Go to the GTS in-game.
8. When you connect to the GTS, you should receive the POKEMON automatically.


  1. can someone tell me how to do the linkbucks thing so i can double up ? i noticed u seem to have the linkbucks logo on top ? halp me

  2. Awesome

    Dude, please remove your captcha, it's really annoying

  3. My ds got stolen by some jolly african americans, so I can't do this.

  4. Ive got HeartGold, I'll have to try this out...

  5. laal, pokemon ftw =D

  6. I got a question then, how did you get the GTS to work out of your local area? I tried doing this, to no avail >:

    Maybe send me an email on how you did it?